CF7 to ActiveCampaign

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  • Created: 20 Nov, 2021
  • Update: 20 Nov, 2021

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Follow the steps below to install the plugin:

  1. Download Zip file from your account
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > upload plugin
  3. Upload downloaded zip file
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. You are good to go for setting up plugin settings now!

Plugin Settings

Setting up this plugin is quite simple. After Installing the plugin, Go to your contact form and click on ActiveCampaign Tab.

Plugin Settings

General Settings

Here you can add API Credentials to connect your Contact Form to your ActiveCampaign.

General Settings
  • Step 1: Check on enable ActiveCampaign to your form.
  • Step 2: Add your ActiveCampaign URL and API KEY
  • Step 3: Choose List ID where you want to save your contacts.

NoteTo find API Credentials you can refer this Tutorial and to find List ID, Tutorial

Assign form fields to ActiveCampaign

Here you can assign your contact form fields to your active campaign fields.

Assign form fields to ActiveCampaign

Add Custom Fields

Here you can assign your contact form fields to your active campaign fields.

Custom field ac

NoteTo create custom fields in Active Campaign please follow this tutorial

Custom field cf7
  • Step 1: Create Custom Fields in your Active campaign first.
  • Step 2: Then copy the slug of the custom field %CUSTOM_FIELD% and paste it to left side and on right side add your contact form field slug your-message
  • Step 3: Click on Add New to add more Custom Fields.

Acceptance Checkbox

First of all you have to create a acceptance checkbox field in contact form 7.

acc checkbox

The acceptance field must be optional. And after creating acceptance field,choose this field in Form field settings.

ac checkbox

NoteThis field must be empty if you do not want a checkbox for form whether to send form data to AC or not.


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Please check your API credentials and List ID,if they are correct or not. If they are correct and still not working then check on custom fields. There should not be default fields like %FIRST_NAME%,%LAST_NAME%,%EMAIL% etc. These field must be choose from above settings.

And on latest update,there is a checkbox acceptance field for GDPR Compliance. This field must choose acceptance field slug. If choose any other field then your data will not be sent.


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Version 1.0 (20 Nov, 2021)

Initial Release